Friday, July 17, 2015

1970 Topps Senators Rookie Stars: Jim Miles, Jan Dukes

Our random number generator brought us another card from 1970. This time it is #154, Senators Rookie Stars.

For Jim Miles, this would not be his first rookie card.  He was included on a high number multi-team rookie stars card in 1969. It would be his last card however. He was a September call-up in 1968. He pitched in 3 games for a total of 4.1 innings giving up 6 runs. His 1969 campaign wasn't much better. He threw in 10 games for a total of 20.1 innings giving up 14 runs.

 Although he would never return to the Majors, he remained in the Senator/Rangers organization through 1972. Since he already had one card that was issued after his MLB career was over, I went the other direction. For his Card That Never Was, I made a 1968 Topps card from his 1968 call-up.

Jan Dukes pitched a total of 20 innings over his short MLB career. He had short stints in 1969 and 1970 with the Senators and again in 1972 with the Rangers. This was Jan Dukes one and only baseball card. For his Card That Never Was, I made a 1971 Topps card for him.


Two pitchers accounting for a total of 2 cards in the Topps catalog. Both rookie cards. 44.2 innings between the 2 of them, 26 earned runs, 3 losses and zero wins. I think we can call this card a total bust. Put it in your spokes.

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