Friday, May 1, 2015

1969 Topps Dodgers Rookie Stars: Tom Hutton, Alan Foster

My last post featured a player that had appeared on 5 different multi-player rookie cards, Bill Davis. In this randomly selected post another player, Tom Hutton had appeared on multiple rookie cards, 1967, 1969 and 1972.

Hutton was also a subject of a card featured on my other blog. A few years,  I used an image of Tommy Hutton on the Minor League Player of the Year card. back when I was recreating the 1972 Topps award cards,

For the M.L.P.O.Y. I used the Most Valuable Players from the 3 different AAA leagues that were affiliated with MLB ballclubs. Tommy Hutton was the Pacific Coast League MVP in 1971 for the Dodgers affiliate Spokane Indians. The other MVPs were Bobby Grich of the Rochester Red Wings, the Orioles' affiliate in the International League, and Richie Scheinblum of the Denver Bears, the Senators' AAA team in the American Association.

Hutton spent a little time with the Dodgers in 1969 but most of the season he was playing in Spokane. With the Dodgers depth in the infield, Hutton wouldn't crack the Majors for good until he was traded to the Phillies after his minor league MVP season in 1971. Primarily a first baseman, he would play until 1981 with the Phillies, Blue Jays, and Expos. 

During his MLB career he was fairly well represented on cardboard, In addition to his 3 rookie cards, he had solo Topps cards from 1973-1981 he even had a Hostess, a Doruss and a Fleer card. So for Tommy Hutton's Card That Never Was, I am simply reposting the card that I made commemorating his Minor League MVP season:


Alan Foster was featured on the Sports Illustrated cover in March of 1968, touting him as one of the best rookies of 1968.  He shared the cover with the 1968 Rookie of the Year, Johnny Bench as well as Don Pepper, Mike Torrez, and Cisco Carlos.

Although 3 of them had rookie cards in 1968, Foster would have to wait until 1969 for Topps to put his face on cardboard. 

Don Pepper never did get a card at all. However, I did make this card of him. I did it at the request of a follower of my other blog, Cards That Never Were. The actual request was for 1968 Tigers cards, specifically asking for Jim Rooker among others. I decided to pair Rooker up with Pepper for this 1968 Rookie Card That Never Was.

Foster had a solid if not spectacular MLB career. He pitched from 1967-1976 with the Dodgers, Indians, Angels and Padres. He was 48-63 overall with an ERA of 3.74. Topps had cards of him in every set from 1969-1977. So for his Card That Never Was I decided to give him a card to compliment his Sports Illustrated Cover. Now all 5 rookies have 1968 Topps cards.

Rather than making another Dodgers Rookie card, I made this one a "Major League Rookie Stars" card and included Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox. His one and only Topps card from his playing days was actually in 1969 and came with the "Topps 1968 All-Star Rookie" designation. He only played at the Major League level for 2 years, 1968 and 1969, before his bad knees caught up with him.


For my final grade of this card, I have to give it a 4, "Set Filler". While neither player was a star at the Big-League level, both had long solid careers.

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  1. I did not know that Bobby Cox played in the majors. Amazin'.