Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1959 Topps Joe Shipley

After just posting a 4-player rookie card, the random number generator took it easy on me and gave me a single player rookie card from 1959.

Joe Shipley pitched 39.1 innings for the Giants from 1958-1960 but logged nearly 1500 innings as a minor leaguer from 1953-1965. In 1963 the White Sox took another chance on Shipley at the age of 28. He appeared in 3 games gave up 3 runs and logged his only MLB decision. It was a loss. 

Since I could only find one photo of Shipley in a Sox uniform I had to go with the 1963 Fleer format for his Card That Never Was.

Like most of the 1959 Topps Rookie Stars, Shipley never lived up to expectations. So I've graded his Rookie Card a 2, "Good For Flipping".

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